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If “conspiracy theorists” exist it’s your fault

An open letter to the mainstream journalists in the US

This letter is addressed to all those journalists who stand by the official version of 9/11, and systematically label those who reject it as “conspiracy theorists,” “self- delusional people,” or just plain “wackos.”

You are completely different from one another, yet you all seem to share a sense of irritation that emerges each time you are confronted with such an “uncomfortable” issue as 9/11.

Well, you should know that if “conspiracy theorists” exist it’s your fault in the first place.

Had you only asked the most obvious and natural questions, when presented with the official story of 9/11, things would have certainly gone in a much different way.

Right after the attacks, for example, you could have asked, “How come we are not shown a single security video from the 19 terrorists boarding the four hijacked planes?” As we all know, large airports like Boston, Newark or Dulles have hundreds of security cameras recording every possible activity taking place within their premises. Images must exist of the 19 hijackers at the check-in counters, proceedeing through security gates and finally boarding the planes that were eventually hijacked. Why weren’t we shown a single one of these images in the days following the attacks?

Or you could’ve asked, “How is it possible that on the evening of September 10, 2001, a full military plan to attack Afghanistan was placed on George Bush’s desk, to be reviewed by the President upon his return from Florida?” This means that the attacks on the following morning were just a sheer coincidence, which offered the US the most convenient motivation to proceed with a plan that had already been prepared down to the smallest detail. Did you really not find this even a little suspicious?

Or you could have asked, “How is it possible that people who have never piloted a jet in their life can commandeer a 100-ton Boeing and perform spectacular acrobatics such as those described by radar controllers on September 11?” Since when does training on small piston planes enable you to jump into the seat of a large airliner and perform high-speed turns, breathtaking plunges and ground-level approaches which are called “practically impossible” by pilots with 30 years of experience?

Or you could have asked, “Where did the Boeing that crashed in Pennsylvania go, since we weren’t shown a single engine, a single chunk of fuselage, a single piece of wing, landing gear or tail stabilizer?” Have you ever seen a plane crash in which not a single part of the plane remains recognizable after the accident?

All these are perfectly legitimate and rational questions, which certainly don’t suggest the “twisted mind” of a “social misfit” – as many people like to characterize the “conspiracy theorists.” In fact, all it takes to pose these questions is normal common sense.

Yet, you have never asked these questions.

You have accepted the official version at face value, without ever raising a single eyebrow about what you were being told, despite the most evident and undeniable inconsistencies.

This is why the 9/11 “conspiracy theorists” were born. They were born because you never posed the most natural and logical questions, and we had to do it for you.

And what’s tragic, by the way, is that these questions have still not received an answer today.

You should therefore stop sticking labels on those who have taken up responsibilities that were yours in first place, and you should engage instead in some serious soul searching on the real reasons that brought you to turn a blind eye on such a grave and important episode in our recent history – an episode that has created wars, fear, hatred and mistrust all across the world.

All it takes for evil to triumph – it has been said -- is for good men to do nothing.

Posted: September 1, 2011

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